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Pirelli sponsors drivetheplanet.com. Next to financial support we can count on a set of great tyres! During the expedition we will face various road conditions.

High quality tyres will increase our safety when facing extreme weather and road conditions. We would like to thank the team of Pirelli for supplying us with these tyres and all their efforts on the Dutch Car Expo 2003! For more information about Pirelli, please look at www.pirelli.com.


Design IT

Design IT is a renowned supplier of high-level web applications. Design IT offers a complete range of services, varying from websites to content management systems and the integration with back office applications. Furthermore Design IT provides professional hosting facilities for these applications.

Why does Design IT sponsor the project DriveThePlanet?
To start a challenging project as DriveThePlanet shows courage and enterprising skills, which always speak to us. The challenge, the very enthusiastic people behind the project and off course the support of SOS-kinderdorpen were more then enough reasons for us to gladly support this project.

Therefore Design IT developed the complete website for DriveThePlanet, including a custom made content management system. This enables DriveThePlanet to update the website from anywhere in the world through their laptop, and keep everybody up to date on their experiences throughout this exciting trip.

For more information about Design IT, please look at www.designit.nl.

Sponsors wanted!
Your company on this website? It's possible and much more! Contact us on +316 25004147.
Never scratch the ice of your windows, a warm, ready to start engine and a pre-heated interior.

Webasto heaters offer more driving comfort and safety for personal vehicles, busses and trucks. Webasto has installed an interior heater in our camper so we can sleep comfortable at high altitude without worrying about our safety. More information about webasto can be found on webasto.nl
HOT ROD 20 years leading in VW oldtimers. More then 6000 vw parts en -accessories. Highly specialised vw workshop with own revision and motortest department.
Hot Rod will revise the complete engine of our camper and make it ready for the expedition. More information about Hot Rod can be found on: hotrod.nl
VCT2 is a club especially for owners of the type 2 volkswagen van. For more information, have a look on: vct2.nl
The North Face
The North Face will supply this expedition with all outdoor equipment! The North Face provides an extensive line of performance clothing, equipment and footwear. Offering the most technically advanced products on the market, The North Face is the choice of the world's most accomplished climbers, mountaineers, extreme skiers, snowboarders and explorers. The North Face is committed to pushing the limits of design, so that you can push your limits outdoors.

For more information about The North Face, please look at www.thenorthface.

Minolta sponsors this expedition with the digital camera, Minolta D'image F300.

It is one of the world’s smallest and lightest 5-megapixel cameras at 11.1 x 5.25 x 3.25 cm and only 185 g. Designed to maximise image quality. The system is built around a CCD delivering 5.0 million effective pixels for fine high-resolution images or, in practical terms, A3+ prints at 150 dpi and A5+ prints in photo quality.

Drivetheplanet.com will be brought to you by:

Novum Pharma
Novum Pharma sponsors drivetheplanet. Next to financial support we can rely on several of their products! Novum Pharma is well known for products like 'Ultra sun', sun tan lotion, 'Tiger Balm' and 'Natterman' cough sirup. All these product are available, without a recipy, at your local pharmacie, drugstore or reformhouse. For more information about these products, please look at www. opjegezondheid.nl .

Victorinox sponsors drivetheplanet with 2 Swisstools. one of the tools could be won via de SMS & WIN game during the expedition (dutch only) The SwissTool offers in total 27 functions. Especially handy is the scissor. Furthermore a very powerful combi-tang, rasorsharp blade, 4 screwdrivers, cross shaped screwdriver, chisel, woodsaw, metalsaw and -polish, ruler (cm and inch), etc.
Hanjin shipping

Hanjin Shipping, well known for container transports around the world, has offerd drivetheplanet.com to transport the camper back to the Netherlands in one of their sea containers. This allows us to bring back our camper to the Netherlands, something that would not have been possible without the help of Hanjin Shipping. For more information about Hanjin Shipping, please look at www.hanjin.com.

M.A.D. Veenendaal
M.A.D. from Veenendaal supports the expedition with the installation of a tailor made set of support springs for the camper. This will increase our safety and stability and increase our loadvolume!
The world of the Go family The company Go-Tan is run by the family Go since the fifties and has emerged into a leading brand, supplier and producer of Asian food products. With a distribution from Scandinavia to the Mediterranean Sea, Go-Tan is the Asian Brand with the broadest distribution throughout Europe. Market leadership in several area’s and product categories anchor the brand Go-tan into the experience of the European Consumer. A world of true orient at home. More information about Go-Tan can be found on Go-tan.nl
Kenwood puts music in our journey! Next to financial support Kenwood installed a Mp3 car audio system! Kenwood has always been on the forefront of innovation technologies. Through our years of research, we have develloped and incorporated numerous exciting new techniques.
Total is the fifth oilcompany in the world. The oil and chemical concern is established and active in more then 120 countries, as well in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands there are approximately 650 Total gas stations. The organisation values a their role within society.

The inititiative of drivetheplanet.com to put SOS-Childrens Villages into the spotlight could count on the sympathy of Total. Therefor, Total has decided to pay for the fuel costs during the expedition to China
When travelling great distances in a car, you must rely on detailed and accurate maps. Falk has delivered us those maps which are excellent for our journey!
G & B Oldtimerservice vof
Sjef van Ginneken has helped us a lot getting the car in shape for the long trip!

G & B Oldtimerservice vof v/h van Ginneken Airc. VW Service. Vlietskade 1711 4241 WJ Arkel Tel; 0183-562390 gsm; 06-21217024
Schuberg Philis

Schuberg Philis, an innovative, privately owned company, is a leading provider of mission critical outsourcing services. We focus exclusively on the applications that businesses rely on 24 hours a day, guaranteeing 100% uptime. For more information about Schuberg Philis, please look at www.schubergphilis.com.


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